The 10 Best Backpack for Girls, According to Amazon Reviewers

The Best Backpacks For Girls

As parents, we always like to give our kids the best. And who better to trust than other parents. In this post, we’re rounding up the  the 10 Best Backpacks for Girls according to Amazon Reviewers. Let’s dive in!

With over 1,500+ reviews and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, this is definitely one the best backpack for girls on Amazon. With its cute unicorn patterns and bright pink theme, your little girl will surely love this backpack for years to come! Some of the reviewers rave it as:

“Adorable! It’s perfect size and so well made.While the design of this backpack is certainly eye-catching”

“The fabric feels solid, the zippers don’t catch at all, very smooth, and the pockets are much bigger than i expected.”

 It’s also used by boys apparently. 

I’m so glad I purchased this for my 3 year old son for preschool! He absolutely loves his dinosaur backpack and it fits him perfectly.”

And it fits folders too!

 “the large is MUCH larger and fits the folder great. I can also fit a few notebooks and all of my sons school supplies”


This girl’s backpack racked up over 800+ reviews with an average rating of  4.3 out of 5 stars. This one has a silvery flower pattern that reflects when light shines on it. This is also one of the bigger backpacks out there and even adults use them for college or work. Some of them has this to say:

It holds quite a bit. I fit a 1.5″ binder, large workbook, thin spiral-bound notebook, and a couple small notebooks in the big pocket, a lunch bag in the middle pocket, and a few thin items in the front pocket. We could probably squeeze a lightweight sweater in, too. Each side mesh pocket will hold a bottle, such as standard bottled water or a Nalgene Grip-N-Gulp.

“The small size is perfect! My five year old is tall for her age and it fits well. The backpack has plenty of compartments to store things, side pockets for water bottles, and the zippers and straps look well made.

3rd graders can use it,

My 3rd grader has been using this for 3 months now and it’s still in perfect shape! High quality and the fact that it’s a dark color means that it doesn’t show dirt. The design is also adorable.

As well as 1st graders!

“This backpack is amazing! My soon to be 1st grader is happy.”


This simple canvas backpack with a nice galaxy has over 800+ reviews and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars! It’s well priced too at just $25. It’s not as feature-packed as the others but sometimes, simple is better. The reviewers are outstanding such as:

This is a great backpack! Very sturdy (for our daughter who is rough with her back packs). Just the right amount of pockets to hold what is necessary & not what isn’t.

As a junior in high school, I can say that this backpack is durable and it’s large enough to hold all of my supplies. I bring home at least 3 text books and one binder a day and the back pack isn’t faltering at all.

Both mom and kid love this one!.

Just received this today and both myself and my 7.5 year old second grader are very pleased with the colors, size, pockets and padded shoulder straps as well as the padding in the back.

It has a large capacity and enough room says one customer.

I just need to let you guys know that this bag is super cute and the colors are so vibrant. Usually the cute book bags are the ones that can barely hold a wallet without falling apart but I carry this three days a week with 4 notebooks, four books, a folder and a multitude of supplies and it’s held up strong.”

Personally, I find this bag the cutest. Who doesn’t love a bag full of hearts? This bag garnered 650+ reviews and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The heart pattern is just the cutest and it’s very adorable. Plus it has 3 main pockets that can fit A LOT of school supplies! The straps are also padded so your little one can last longer carrying this one! Here are some reviews on it:

“My 4 years old has been using it for 9 weeks so far for summer camp with extra shoes, clothes, lunch bags and drink bottles. The fabric is nice too, sturdy. And wipes well.

Gave this to her for Christmas and it is the perfect backpack. I was worried about it being too big but it is not and is holding up extremely well.

This backpack is versatile and is used by kids for all purposes!

My daughter just used this backpack today for the first time but I have high hopes. It’s really cute, and is the perfect size (I bought the large one) for my petite 7-year-old. I love that it has lots of compartments but doesn’t feel bulky. 

And it’s pretty sturdy too!

 “My child did drag her backpack around so the bottom corners are barely starting to fray, but this bag lasted the entire school year


Even though this bag looks normal, it makes it up for its features. It includes a lunch bag and a pencil case that matches the bag very well. Currently it has over 520+ reviews and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. The flower pattern looks mature so it can be used by both older and younger kids. Take a look at some of the reviews:

We have been looking for years for a quality backpack that would serve my daughter through her middle and high school years without our having to put a second mortgage on the house.

I purchased two of these bags for two teenage girls and they love them. The backpacks seem very sturdy and well made and will be able to transport all of their school needs.

One customer can’t contain their excitement over this backpack 

I SO GLAD THAT I ORDERED THIS BACKPACK NO REGRETS!!! It’s design is so pretty, and it is perfect for school! The laptop strap works great for Macs and keeps it secure! 

Every kid loves Pusheen and this bag is the perfect fan merchandise! With over 520+ reviews and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars! If your kid is a fan of this character then this is a must have! Some of the reviewers rave it as:

My daughter love her Pusheen. Nice size. Just one compartment on the biggest opening. Very roomy. No surprise, the backpack look like the picture.

I purchased it as a gift for my niece for her next school year, she loved it and apparently its very good quality. Recommended if your a fan 

“I didn’t really have great hopes of it standing up to kid use but in the last 3 months its seen its share of kid abuse and fared very well. It look as good as when it was new (a little dirt here and there)

Some customers thought it as sturdy too.

A good looking backpack with over 560+ reviews and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, you should definitely check this one out! It has that sailor/navy vibe to it but it still looks and works great. It has two main pockets that would fit all your kids’ supplies. Some customers have this to say:

I needed something cute yet sturdy. I got the large one which looks huge on the model in the picture but is an average sized backpack. The handles are padded and sturdy and didn’t bother me at all.

We bought this backpack for our tall kindergartener after we quickly realized her small toddler backpacks don’t fit any of the school folders. We wanted to get something more stylish and without princesses or super girly flourishes so she can use it for a few years. The backpack is very roomy and well sewn together.

Apparently adults use it as well!

I LOVE this bag! So far I’m using it for college before I start my traveling and it satisfies my needs. I’m trading my 16in HP laptop in for a 13 in Mac air so I wanted a new bag. My hp even can fit but I would watch how much things you put into the bag because heavy things can cause a tear, being cautious. 

Another unicorn backpack makes it to our list. This time the deign is more cartoon-y and cute! With over 530+ reviews and an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. The structure and function are simple, but it’s extremely well-priced too. The design might be too kiddie but some adults find it fun and whimsical. Some of the reviewers describe it as:

My daughter is starting Kindergarten and is into unicorns right now, so I looked for a while and found this beautiful and affordable bag pack set !! It’s material is easy to clean and the colors are bright and pretty. My daughter absolutely loved it and gets compliments at the bus stop and school all the time.

I was skeptical of buying this online without being able to inspect it in person first, but it turned out to be a great buy. Everything is well made. The backpack has cushioned straps – not super thick padding, but more than enough for our 2nd grader.

The fabric of the back bag is nice, an it even came with a year warranty Incase one of the zippers break, or any damage is done to the back pack, lunch box or pencil case. With my children they seem to need a new back pack by the middle of the school year because the bottom of the bookbag ends up getting holes or the inner part starts falling apart, With this book bag it has a thick bottom which I’m hoping will hold up for the year.

Overall, parents love it for their kids!

I bought this for my daughter because she’s absolutely crazy for everything unicorns. Admittedly, she is in kinder so it might not get heavy duty use. However, I am tremendously impressed by the quality of this product and the really well thought out design. This would be great for any age, and has a lot of convenient features that an older student, or even teen, would enjoy. 


This is one of the prettier designs out there and it’s perfect for your little princess. Having 360+ reviews and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, this backpack stands out from the rest! It’s perfect for very trendy kids and fashionista! We love the gold highlights, it really stands out! Some of the reviewers rave it as:

Love it ! My 6 year old loves this ! Make sure you check the size when ordering ! We didn’t order large even though she’s very tall for her age.Glad I didn’t because this smaller size is a perfect fit ! She gets compliments all the time . It is very well made !

It appears to be waterproof, and doesn’t end up with water markers. She carries inside it: a school folder, large notebook, a laptop which is inside of a carrying case, headphones for her laptop, her snack, a sweatshirt on most days, and some miscellaneous other items.

Waterproof you say? It does seem so! 

My daughter LOVES this backpack! Roomy enough to fit her folder, lunchbox, with some room still for extras, but not too big for a preschooler. It is sturdier than I expected and all zippers, snaps, buckles work perfectly. She gets so many complements on it and people asking me where I got it!”

And it fits folders too!

With over 710+ reviews and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, this is the cutest backpack we found on Amazon! It’s very soft and cuddly that your kid will surely love. It’s not as big and roomy as the others but what the heck, it looks extremely cute! Some of the reviewers rave it as:

These backpacks are VERY, VERY well made. I purchased 7 because the little lady is a fashionista and changes clothes a lot. If they had them for a 6-7 year old child I would purchase all of them again.

Bought this for my niece for a birthday present. When I took it out of the box I thought it looked too small but it ended up being the perfect size. This seems to be made very well with very cushy straps. My niece absolutely adores it with a detachable duck and when she puts it back in the backpack she said she’s putting it in his car seat!

I got this for my three year old niece. She absolutely loved it. The moment she opened it out of the wrapping paper her eyes lit up. Pink is her favorite color an it’s such a vibrant pink, too. So soft and cuddly. All of us couldn’t stop feeling how soft it is. 

 “The backpacks and the stuffed animals are plush and well made and the zippers move easily. The backpacks are toddler-sized and perfect for young children.