How to Travel with A Baby

Whether you’re going on holiday or visiting family, traveling with a baby can get overwhelming and stressful.

WATCH parents, Kristen and Siya, share their experience from checking-in at the airport to flying with their 4 month old baby.


Pack days before

Make sure you have your baby’s documents and passport (if going out of the country) ahead of time.

Pack the baby’s things days before to lessen the stress and to avoid essentials getting left behind.

Tip: Spread out the baby’s clothes between the baby’s diaper bag and check-in bag just in case one of the bags get lost.

Reserve a bassinet ahead of time

Although most airlines do provide bassinets free of charge for infants under 2 years of age, not all are free or available. It’s always best to call the airline before your trip to confirm your baby is on the reservation and to request for a bassinet.

For toddlers, if you choose to book a seat for them instead of having them on your lap, make sure your car seat is TSA compliant.


Wait until the boarding gate to check-in your stroller

Car seats, collapsible strollers, and play pens are checked-in for free. You are allowed to check-in any 2 of those items at the gate. Like Kristen and Siya, it’s best to check-in the stroller at the gate to easily get through security without having to physically carry everything with you.


Whip out those disinfectant wipes

As we all know, planes can be extremely dirty. They don’t exactly get cleaned as thoroughly as we would like, which is not ideal for any baby. Make sure to wipe down the plane seats, buckles, and food trays like Kristen and Siya have before settling in.

Have a changing pad ready

Having a changing pad, or in their case, dog pee pads for easy disposal to lay over changing stations will help your baby avoid getting in contact with nasty bacteria.

Relieve ear pressure with pacifiers or bottles

Have your baby suck on a bottle of milk or a pacifier during take-off or landing to help pop their ears from cabin pressure.

What are your tips and tricks when traveling with a baby?