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Bali Itinerary – 5 Days On A Budget

I just wanna share my Solo Travel experience in Bali Indonesia ??. Are you looking for adventure and yet budget friendly? Here’s my itinerary! ? If your travelling alone and probably out the whole day, much better to stay in a hostel. You can make new friends and for singles

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Most Beautiful Places in Europe for Your Itinerary

Cesky Krumlov & Hluboká Cesky Krumlov is definitely worth it and Hluboká castle as well!! Stay for a little bit in Prague also! It is a amazing city and its very family friendly I 100% Second Cesky Krumlov! Make sure you stay at least one night though in the town.

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When is the best time to do a Eurotrip?

Peak Season: Mid-June to August Shoulder Season: April to Mid-June and September to October Off-Season: November to March PEAK SEASON Mid-June – August Get ready for the sunny, long days, exciting nightlife, and the crowds that come with it. Here are crowds and intense heat.  To help keep your cool, here

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The Weirdest Habits Around The World

German Toilets In some part of Europe, mostly in Germany, some toilets have a pool of water on the opposite side. So when you poop, it doesn’t fall in the water, it just hangs out in the open air until your done and flush. It’s mainly a German thing, but

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10 Best Places To Visit In Italy According to Travelers

Based on the recommendations and tips from travelers, we’ve gathered 10 best places to visit in Italy. We’ve included what they recommend in each place and any tips that we think might be useful when visiting.  Rome “The HopOnHopOff bus allowed me to see all the monuments in Rome with

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How to Travel with A Baby

Whether you’re going on holiday or visiting family, traveling with a baby can get overwhelming and stressful. WATCH parents, Kristen and Siya, share their experience from checking-in at the airport to flying with their 4 month old baby. BOOKING THE TRIP Pack days before Make sure you have your baby’s

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