The Weirdest Habits Around The World

German Toilets

In some part of Europe, mostly in Germany, some toilets have a pool of water on the opposite side. So when you poop, it doesn’t fall in the water, it just hangs out in the open air until your done and flush. It’s mainly a German thing, but we’ve seen it all over the northwest part of the mainland continent too!

Sneezing in India

In India we met a local who we had dinner with. One of our friends sneezed and suddenly the local said “Now somebody stepped on your grave.”
Having never heard this before, we became quite worried and looked around as if something was going to happen!

UK Bathrooms

Americans find it so weird that there are no outlets in the bathrooms. But there are outlets that only work with men’s shavers. When we asked our UK friends they look at us strange! They just say it’s too dangerous to blow dry your hair in the bathroom. This seems to be mostly a UK thing because UK is very fire paranoid. Some building actual state that if there’s a fire, stay in your apartment because the building is pretty much fire proof. All rooms in flats have to have fire doors between them. 

Also many years ago it was popular to have carpets in bathrooms in the UK.  Carpets in the bathroom? That just sounds gross!

Turks Tea Habits

Turks drink tea constantly. Seriously, like one after the other. I get jittery after 5 glasses. I don’t know how Turks don’t all have seriously high blood pressure.

Dog Leashes Are Cruel...

According to one traveler, some countries outside the U.S think dog leashes are cruel. They see American dogs as being mistreated and say they have issues because of it. When she was in Cusco, Peru, she was amazed to see dogs meeting each other at the park to play. They never wanted anything to do with the humans. At first she thought they were all strays, but they looked well fed and healthy. She was shocked to learn they are people’s pets who are given lots of freedom.

Japanese Eating

In Japan, if you finish your plate or bowl at someone’s place, they’ll serve you more. You must leave a little bit if you’re done so you can finally stop getting served!

Feet Sinks

In most Arab countries they have low height sinks for washing feet for Muslim prayer.

However, in other countries where they do not have such sinks. we have seen people splashing around water in attempt to sit in the sink to wash their feet, making a huge mess!

Canadian Sorry

In Canada 🇨🇦 everyone says “sorry” even when they are not at fault. Most people in Canada are generally nice in our own experience!